About Us

In 1986 Gianni Marra and his wife Anna founded a company in the footwear sector, with a long and constructive specific professional experience acquired in the name of creativity and the cult for craftsmanship. Specialized in the production of high-end women's shoes, strictly made in Italy, after having worked for a long time on behalf of third parties, in this case for international brands of high fashion, in 2001 Gianni Marra gives birth to the homonymous brand "Gianni Marra". The entire production process with all its distinct phases: cutting, fleshing, hemming, assembly, finishing, gluing, cleaning and quality control is inspired by the dictates of the ancient tradition of footwear made in Naples, and takes place entirely in the plant in Marano (Naples) opened in 2013.

The Company's business core is the production of women's shoes of high range. The handcrafted, the made in Italy and the trendy design are the core of the realization of each model. The result is an extraordinary synergy between tradition and innovation.

Currently the Company is managed by Giovanni Marra, the sole Director, supported by his family: his wife Anna and their daughters Angela, Nunzia, Daniela and Emanuela that have different tasks and specific skills in the various stages of processing of the product. In particular, Anna manages the cutting and hemming department, Angela and Nunzia with Giovanni are in charge of the production and footwear design sector, Daniela is in charge of the Administration, while Emanuela operates in the modeling and processing segment with CAD programs.