Discover Spring-Summer 2020 Collection

Spring-Summer Collection 2020

A sculptural heel with a thick base: this is the mood of the spring-summer 2020 collection of “Gianni Marra”, the well-known brand of footwear made in Naples, known in the world for the production of strictly handmade and high-quality shoes, that are the result of the Neapolitan creativity and inspiration. For the next spring-summer, Gianni Marra will propose a wide range of model ranging from the neckline to the chanel line, sabot, sandals always with an original sculptural heel having various heights. The color palette ranges from milk to nude, pink gold and basic black and white. The leathers used are tassels, laminates, chamois, fabrics and pythons printed. The application used to embellish and make each model unique are very originals: flower stones, Swarovski or embroidered pompom, rhinestone anklets and metal chains.


In 1986 Gianni Marra and his wife Anna founded a company in the footwear sector, with a long and constructive specific professional experience acquired in the name of creativity and the cult for craftsmanship. Specialized in the production of high-end women's shoes, strictly made in Italy, after having worked for a long time on behalf of third parties, in this case for international brands of high fashion, in 2001 Gianni Marra gives birth to the homonymous brand "Gianni Marra".

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